Monday, January 28, 2008

MAN vs Wild

There I was staring face to face with the great beast. I jumped out of the Expedition, the same vehicle I killed a bear with the year before, and proceeded toward the mighty creature. We were in Sun Valley on a deserted road behind the mountain. It was close to midnight and the only weapon I had was my cunningness. As I labored through the thigh deep snow toward him, he lunged at me as if to say, "Are we doing this? You and me bra!" I let out a yelp and was back in the car with the doors locked in about .003 seconds!
~this is a true story
~A Man Blog


My son Ryder is potty training- what I have found most difficult is when you go to wipe his scrawny little butt, he clinches up so tight I couldn't get a toothpick in there. Hence, incomplete cleaning- which leads to tire tracks. Apparently this does not bother him. I hate potty training-fortunately Melissa is all excited about I play "slow to react" which only happens once. She takes him to the potty most of the time now.


Man Blog Beginnings...

A calling to blog! To all gentlemen who are married, and/or married with child(ren). This blog has been created for all of us who want to express something irrelevent or unneccesary but don't have someone (mainly people we share a bed with) who could appreciate it. I harken to the glory days...junior high- a time of irreverent stupidity, when all was fodder and people of the opposite sex never paid attention anyway. I envision this blog as a return to 7th grade, sans testosterone imbalance, where we are free to rant, joke, rave, cry, laugh, spill, and speak. One rule, no bad talking of immediate family (wife and children), all others are game:) This blog is open for posting- send me an email ( and I will add you as an author. Enjoy!